About me

Hi there!

My name is Angelika and I’d like to invite you to read a whole bunch of articles that I have written not only on children youngsters and adult teaching, but also about the culture of English speaking countries.

An inspiration to build this website came from my students, their parents and my co-workers over many years. They were the ones who constantly asked and asked and asked some more questions just before, during and after our English classes. Sadly, it wasn’t always possible to discuss all of the notions due to constantly fleeing time. As a teacher who was constantly working against deadlines, I developed a habit of putting down the surplus of those questions on my phone just to be able to sit down with my laptop in my free time and share my knowledge, strategies and teaching methodologies, that turned out to be the most effective during conducting English classes. I truly believe that this blog form last the longest and helps all those who, like me, love to know. Maybe it will help you too? Happy reading!