Mind the cultural gap

Dealing with international clients in multinational corporation? Or maybe you swing into action with your new international business? In any case, you should bear in mind that cultural stereotypes and generalization can get you into trouble. If you rack your brain how to work with people from other cultures in such a way that it won’t jeopardize business relationships and possible contracts, this article will provide a dash of insight into some strategies to cross cultural communication.

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Discover Canada

French navigator and explorer Jacques Cartier let 3 expeditions into what is called today Canada. He was sent in 1534 by King Francis I to the New World in search of treasures and a new route to Asia. Unfortunately, those expeditions failed the king who expected gold and diamond but he was given worthless tombac and quartz. The expeditions were suspended up to the 1604 when Samuel de Champlain, called also a „Father of New France”, was granted to explore those lands one more time. He established Acadia – the first permanent French settlement in New World. The settlers, however, moved to a more sheltered harbour because of severe winter experience. New place named Port Royal was situated in area which is called today Nova Scotia. By 1607 there was established one more French settlement called the St. Lawrence River which allowed France to lay claim to those lands. Then the old Haudenosaunee village was transformed into Quebec from Algonquian word „kebec” which meant „narrows”.

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In other words…

Why do we communicate?

Are the only reasons which contributed to civilization development were access to water, fertile soils and good hunting areas? Or was it something more? I believe that most of the philologists will agree with me that any civilization would not developed if it wasn’t for communication. The necessity of performing collective tasks such as hunting for wild animals or building shelters forced people to develop language skills. The set of sounds and gestures transformed into a proper system that allowed sharing of emotions and instructions, which in turn guaranteed survival in the harsh conditions. Over time, when there have been fluctuations amongst different tribes, the trade became a key element that helped to develop the craft of translation.

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