Hyperpolyglots – linguistic demigods of our time.

The confusion of languages at Babel Tower is a bible story that everybody knows. Basically, Babylonians built an extremely high tower which served as visible from a long distance landmark, or in other words, an external point of reference for nomadic troopers and navigators. Since the tower helped people to find their way back or through the terrain it was a deal breaker for god who wanted people to be scattered all over the world, and not gathered in one city or a place. To avoid this problem in the future, god confused builders languages (source: https://bible.org/book/export/html/4838).Maybe if Babylonians hadn’t bragged so much about the tower, they wouldn’t have drawn god’s attention to it. Who knows?

Czytaj dalej Hyperpolyglots – linguistic demigods of our time.

Language and your brain

What is the relation between those two: the nature of human brain and the nature of language? The answer to this question is given by Victoria Fromkin and Robert Rodman (1998) who introduce us in their book to neurolinguistics, the interdisciplinary study concerned with the biological and neural language functions. They give us proves that human language is processed in the most complex of human body parts – the brain. Each single organ is made up of „approximately 10 billon nerve cells and billions of fibres which interconnect them”. Its role is to control and process your motor and sensory activities.

Czytaj dalej Language and your brain

How to teach to actually teach? Effective teaching mini guide.

Early stage English teaching involves primarily active games because preschoolers are energetic by nature and their attention span is quite short. Approximately, the three-years-olds can concentrate only for 7 to 9 minutes, four-year-olds about for 12 minutes and the five-year-olds for 14 minutes. It has been my observation that these values vary depending on the group, the frequency of attention span exercises or even the weather. In order to take full advantage of the attention span and learning time each active game should be preceded by detailed instructions. Then a teacher has to make sure that all children understand the rules to avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments during a game. The chaos outburst can be disheartening for the next play. Let us remember that preschoolers’ attention scatters in a heartbeat and only a full control of the teacher guarantees to bring the game to an end.

Czytaj dalej How to teach to actually teach? Effective teaching mini guide.

The hardest thing is to finish language course.

Pie crust promises?

Every year before New Year’s Eve night each of us during this whole shopping extravaganza and preparations for the party happens to slow down for a while and summarize the past twelve months events. We analyse what could we have done better, more precisely, whether it was possible to omit some of our mistakes.

The beginning of new year is the best possible opportunity to plan the next steps in your career. The injection of energy, new prospect and new opportunities motivates us to take an action. Nevertheless, you need to act quickly because once jotted down New Year’s Resolutions are often forgotten after a few days later.

Czytaj dalej The hardest thing is to finish language course.