Hyperpolyglots – linguistic demigods of our time.

The confusion of languages at Babel Tower is a bible story that everybody knows. Basically, Babylonians built an extremely high tower which served as visible from a long distance landmark, or in other words, an external point of reference for nomadic troopers and navigators. Since the tower helped people to find their way back or through the terrain it was a deal breaker for god who wanted people to be scattered all over the world, and not gathered in one city or a place. To avoid this problem in the future, god confused builders languages (source: https://bible.org/book/export/html/4838).Maybe if Babylonians hadn’t bragged so much about the tower, they wouldn’t have drawn god’s attention to it. Who knows?

Czytaj dalej Hyperpolyglots – linguistic demigods of our time.

In other words…

Why do we communicate?

Are the only reasons which contributed to civilization development were access to water, fertile soils and good hunting areas? Or was it something more? I believe that most of the philologists will agree with me that any civilization would not developed if it wasn’t for communication. The necessity of performing collective tasks such as hunting for wild animals or building shelters forced people to develop language skills. The set of sounds and gestures transformed into a proper system that allowed sharing of emotions and instructions, which in turn guaranteed survival in the harsh conditions. Over time, when there have been fluctuations amongst different tribes, the trade became a key element that helped to develop the craft of translation.

Czytaj dalej In other words…