Gamification – an enjoyable way to solve problems

The idea to write this article came to me in a flash of inspiration while talking to one of my best student’s mom about his learning progress. That mom was convinced that her son doesn’t give a 100% in language learning and he’s spending too much of his free time on playing computer games. It took me some time to convince her that playing computer games is not only a great stress revealing technique but it also develops more efficient learning and prosocial skills.

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Top 10 English coursebooks for adult learners.

Let’s face it. Traditional coursebooks can bore your students to death. We already have left behind audio cassettes era but also audio CDs are in twilight of their lives. Today you have to rock your classes with digital materials to keep them attentive, motivated and productive. This is why I have prepared for you the 10 best English student books for adult learners list (general profile language course) which is based solely on my personal experiences. If you feel as if you are one step behind, this list is a perfect starting point for you to look around for the best proactive teaching solutions.

Czytaj dalej Top 10 English coursebooks for adult learners.

How to teach to actually teach? Effective teaching mini guide.

Early stage English teaching involves primarily active games because preschoolers are energetic by nature and their attention span is quite short. Approximately, the three-years-olds can concentrate only for 7 to 9 minutes, four-year-olds about for 12 minutes and the five-year-olds for 14 minutes. It has been my observation that these values vary depending on the group, the frequency of attention span exercises or even the weather. In order to take full advantage of the attention span and learning time each active game should be preceded by detailed instructions. Then a teacher has to make sure that all children understand the rules to avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments during a game. The chaos outburst can be disheartening for the next play. Let us remember that preschoolers’ attention scatters in a heartbeat and only a full control of the teacher guarantees to bring the game to an end.

Czytaj dalej How to teach to actually teach? Effective teaching mini guide.

How preschool children learn English?

Foreign language learning comes to preschoolers naturally because of their innate curiosity of the surrounding world. The most important task English teacher faces during work is to focus this innate curiosity on language learning. This seemingly simple task can be quite challenging because, unlike adults, preschoolers learn unconsciously which in practice means learning unintentionally, involuntary, through various active games, nursery rhymes and songs. However, children are easily distracted and it is tough for them to focus on a given action for a long time.

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Learning through play

A variety in language internalization process through games and activities enables school children to acquire English in a more enjoyable and understandable way. Play is the medium through which every teacher can enter the children’s world and make them unconsciously assimilate new skills with a smile from ear to ear.

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The hardest thing is to finish language course.

Pie crust promises?

Every year before New Year’s Eve night each of us during this whole shopping extravaganza and preparations for the party happens to slow down for a while and summarize the past twelve months events. We analyse what could we have done better, more precisely, whether it was possible to omit some of our mistakes.

The beginning of new year is the best possible opportunity to plan the next steps in your career. The injection of energy, new prospect and new opportunities motivates us to take an action. Nevertheless, you need to act quickly because once jotted down New Year’s Resolutions are often forgotten after a few days later.

Czytaj dalej The hardest thing is to finish language course.