Why is it worth to learn English?

Accession of Poland to the European Union and opening up of the country to the West engendered a need for learning English.

Nowadays, English became the dominant language on a par with Latin in the Middle Ages or, a little bit later, modern French in diplomatic circles. The world’s largest British colonial expansion focused mainly on Asia and Africa which gave rise to the development of this language on all continents. The need to acquire natural resources as well as trade development entailed coercion of learning English by natives.

As of today, it is estimated that about 375 million people from 54 different countries speak English as a lingua franca.

Learning the language ensures seamless communication not only in business and tourism areas but also in a variety of scientific disciplines. Knowledge of English is commonly required in a growing number of professions which is why the employers are favourably disposed to those candidates who undertook their studies and completed language courses. This knowledge also guarantees an unlimited access to information published on the Internet.

The vast majority of information services are carried out in English, moreover, 95% of scientific articles is written in that language. Due to the fact that Information Technology develops as a science mainly in English speaking countries, it is natural that the software for our computers is also written in that language. Nearly a million words closely related to technology and computerization are English words. English has become the global language which considerably facilitates travelling and mobility in foreign countries, thus you can be sure that your efforts put in English learning are definitely not in vain and will pay off in the nearest future.

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