How do you take your morning cup of Joe?

Who doesn’t love coffee? After all, it’s so easy to rejoice in those hot delicious beverages like a fine viscous strong and dark as devil cup of Italian Espresso or in an angelic gentle fluffy and velvety in taste Cappuccino.

Each morning the vast majority of coffee lovers nation indulge in homemade perk enriched with full fat milk or sweat cream and a couple spoons of sugar. Others prefer to occupy local coffee shops to get a cup to go or wake up gently to life at the table seeping slowly a nice tall glass of a Latte Macchiato or Lungo with all offered condiments to start a new day.

But I guess any time is a coffee time judging by my personal preferences of having several coffee mugs a day. This sacred ritual keeps me going throughout the working week and not to harm anyone.

Is it lethal?

If coffee is as crucial part of your day as mine, you probably wonder if it’s not going to be the death of you. Unfortunately, I must disappoint you. It won’t. According to Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology (ATVB), which focused on examining the influence of coffee ingestion on brain strokes and heart diseases, „a moderate coffee consumption results in a slight risk reduction for CHD (coronary heart diseases) mortality”(source: Moreover, American Heart Association claims that: „men and women who reported drinking four or more cups of coffee each day had an 18 percent lower risk of hospitalization for heart rhythm disturbances. Those who reported drinking one to three cups each day had a 7 percent reduction in risk.” (source: As you can see, the devil’s not so black as he is painted. Your morning cup of Joe occurs to be literally a lifesaver.

Obviously, we are talking about a black coffee or a coffee with a dash of milk. Forget about excessive sugar use which can lower your immunity and cause body inflammations. Try to avoid flavour syrups, fake whipped cream frostings, coloured vermicelli or creamers. Those ingredients are just empty calories.

Black or white?

As I recently have learned, the white coffee is not just made by adding milk or whitener to it but it is a matter of specifically selected coffee beans and a roasting process. In the Malaysian town Ipoh [’i:poʊ], the original white coffee is made by roasting coffee beans in a lighter degree without any additives such as burned caramel or grounded wheat but in a palm oil margarine. Then it is served with sweeten and evaporated milk. The taste is milder and more delicate but the colour is still resembling tea with milk rather than gleaming white marshmallow colour.

Coffee divination

The centuries old fortune telling method of tea leaf reading has gain recently a rival in the form of online infographic coffee personality tests. Their task is to reveal if you are an introvert or an extrovert. Are you perfectionists or a slacker? Would you like to know what your favourite coffee beverage tells about you? Please take a look:

Exploring English - coffee personality test

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